Marsha Smith

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When bovine dental pulp was removed from erupted and unerupted molars the odontoblasts remained attached to the predentin-dentin shell, from which the soft, partially calcified predentin layer was removed for lipid analysis. The phospholipid and fatty acid composition of phospholipids and neutral lipids were the same in undemineralized bovine predentin from(More)
Movement disorders are not commonly seen during pregnancy. As a result, there are few studies on whether disease manifestations are affected by the hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy or on the teratogenicity of commonly used medications for movement disorders on the developing fetus. This article discusses movement disorders that are seen only(More)
© 2010 PSE National Educational Foundation. All rights reserved. ISSN 0885-3134 / 2010 $9.50 + 0.00. DOI 10.2753/PSS0885-3134300205 The past two decades have witnessed an increasing focus on information technology in marketing and a concurrent explosion in organizational investment in sales force automation (SFA) technologies (Murthy et al. 2008; Speier and(More)
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