Marsha Rebecca Eno

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Lapatinib (LAP), an oral tyrosine kinase inhibitor for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer, has been associated with idiosyncractic hepatotoxicity. Recent investigations have implicated the importance of P450 3A4/5 enzymes in the formation of an electrophilic quinone imine (LAPQI) metabolite generated through further oxidation of O-dealkylated(More)
Oxanorbornadiene dicarboxylate (OND) reagents were explored for the purpose of binding and releasing chemical cargos from endogenous circulating serum albumins. ONDs bearing gadolinium chelates as model cargos exhibited variable conjugation efficiencies with albumin in rat subjects that are consistent with the observed reactivity of each linker and their(More)
Over the past decades, it has become abundantly clear that enzymes evolved to detoxify and eliminate foreign chemicals from the body, occasionally generate highly reactive metabolites which have toxicological implications. To decrease the probability of late clinical failure or market withdrawal, there has been an increased prioritization on understanding(More)
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