Marsha James

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We present a case of a 44-year-old man who visited his general practitioner for recurrent neck swelling, which was found to be a neck abscess. It was aspirated, later recurred, and then surgically excised. Histology was consistent with an infected branchial cyst. Eight months after discharge, the patient presented with a history of progressive neck pain and(More)
Optimal and accurate management of any patient depends on a detailed history and thorough physical examination. The information garnered dictates the definitive management of the patient. Adequate examination of the head and neck, particularly the upper aerodigestive tract, presents a unique challenge because much of the area to be examined is not easily(More)
In this report we describe difficult ventilation during anesthesia as well as in the pediatric intensive care unit in a pediatric patient with pulmonary fibrosis. We discuss how an initial diagnosis of acute spontaneous pneumothorax, a correctable problem, misdirected perioperative planning and anesthetic management of a patient with severe pulmonary(More)
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