Marsha Ironsmith

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We tested the effects of two embedded review question formats and the application of web design guidelines in a computer-assisted mastery learning course in developmental psychology. Students used either a branching review question format that redirected them to relevant portions of the study module after incorrect answers or a linear format that only(More)
First graders and undergraduates were shown a study set of pictures depicting one animal (actor) performing some action on another animal (object). Prior to viewing the pictures for a 1-sec exposure, subjects heard a verbal description of the pictures. 2 groups heard interactive descriptions, formulated as either passive or active sentences. 2 groups heard(More)
Investigation of teacher ratings of kindergarten behavior indicated more negative scores for children who had attended day care. When demographic variables were included in the analysis, however, the relationship between day care and behavior was not significant. The need to consider children's ecological context in determining day care influence on(More)
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