Marsette Vona

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The recently reported KinectFusion algorithm uses the Kinect and GPU algorithms to simultaneously track the camera and build a dense scene reconstruction in real time. However, it is locked to a fixed volume in space and can not map surfaces that lie outside that volume. We present moving volume KinectFusion with additional algorithms to automatically(More)
The Science Activity Planner (SAP) is the primary science operations tool for the Mars Exploration Rover mission and NASA’s Software of the Year for 2004. SAP utilizes a variety of visualization and planning capabilities to enable the mission operations team to direct the activities of the Spirit and Opportunity rovers. This paper outlines some of the(More)
1 Motivation Many large terrestrial structures—towers, bridges, construction scaffolds—are sparse assemblies of rigid bars connected together at structural nodes. This is also true of many in-space structures such as antennae, solar panel supports, and space-station members. A long-term application of truss climbing robots is automated assembly, repair, and(More)