Marsden S. Blois

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After reading this chapter, you should know the answers to these questions: ● Why is information management a central issue in biomedical research and clinical practice? ● What are integrated information management environments, and how might we expect them to affect the practice of medicine, the promotion of health, and biomed-ical research in coming(More)
This study investigated the relationship between prognosis (estimated by histopathologic indicators) in cutaneous malignant melanoma and a comprehensive set of physical risk, demographic, psychosocial, and situational variables. These variables were derived from the medical examination, the pathology report, psychosocial self-report measures, and an(More)
All~tract: RECONSIDER is an interactive diagnostic prompting program which uses simple information retrieval techniques to prompt a physician regarding possible diagnoses, given a list of positive patient findings. Its knowledge base consists of "struc-Lured text" definitions of 3262 diseases and a synonym dictionary Patient findings, and their synonyms,(More)
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