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Image restoration based on an 1-data-fitting term and edge preserving total variation regularization is considered. The associated non-smooth energy minimization problem is handled by utilizing Fenchel-duality and dual regularization techniques. The latter guarantee uniqueness of the dual solution and an efficient way for reconstructing a primal solution,(More)
Differentiation of hypertrophic chondrocytes toward an osteoblast-like phenotype occurs in vitro when cells are transferred to anchorage-dependent culture conditions in the presence of ascorbic acid (Descalzi Cancedda, F., C. Gentili, P. Manduca, and R. Cancedda. 1992. J. Cell Biol. 117:427-435). This process is enhanced by retinoic acid addition to the(More)
We investigated the induction of specific protein expression by heat shock in dedifferentiated and hypertrophic chick embryo chondrocytes in a culture system that allows 'in vitro' differentiation of cartilage cells [Castagnola, P., Moro, G., Descalzi-Cancedda, F. and Cancedda, R. (1986) J. Cell. Biol. 102, 2310-2317]. As control, we used cultures of(More)
Seven out of ten Fab (F(ab')2/Fab') preparations derived from purified human myeloma IgG showed a substantial binding to protein G-Sepharose. Subclass analysis revealed that the 7 protein G-reactive Fabs included 3 IgG1, 2 IgG3 and 2 IgG4 Fabs, whereas the remaining 3 which were not adsorbed were IgG2 Fab. Incubation of protein G-Sepharose with(More)
Biotinylated lymphoid cells have been suggested as a useful source of antigen for the immunochemical characterization of their molecular profile. Labelling with biotin eliminates the problems associated with the use of radioactivity. However, this method has not been widely used. This reflects: (1) difficulties in optimizing the signal/background ratio(More)
[125I]5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine ([125I]UdR) was compared with [6-3H]thymidine ([3H]TdR) in a semi-micromethod used to evaluate the response of human lymphocytes to phytohemagglutinin (PHA) in vitro. 5-Fluoro-2'-dexoyuridine (FUdR) was added to [125I]UdR in order to increase its incorporation, by preventing endogenous thymidine synthesis. The relationship(More)
We have raised polyclonal antibodies against purified the Drosphila melanogaster mitochondrial porin. They showed high titre and specificity and were thus used as a tool for screening an expression library. The isolated clone 1T1 showed 74% sequence identity in the last 19 residues at the C-terminus of human porin. A subclone of 1T1, containing the(More)
while a median filter was introduced by Noori and Saryazdi (2010). A popular variation model in reconstructing blocky images corrupted with Gaussian noise is the Rudin-Osher-Fatemi (ROF) model (Rudin et al. 1992) where Ω is a simply connected bounded domain in ℝ 2 with Lipschitz continuous boundary ∂Ω, and α > 0 is the regulariza-tion parameter. The(More)
Cartilage matrix protein (CMP), a major noncollagenous component of certain types of hyaline cartilage, is synthesized by chondrocytes in a developmentally regulated manner. In this study, we monitored the accumulation of CMP in the developing chicken limb and sternum by immunostaining. In older embryos, the specific extracellular staining was restricted to(More)
In vitro (FLC-Vt) or in vivo (FLC-V) passaged Friend erythroleukaemia cells of DBA/2 origin were tested for susceptibility to natural resistance (NR) in vivo or to NK cell activity in vitro. Scarcely oncogenic FLC-Vt cells were highly susceptible to in vivo NR (measured as rapid organ clearance or growth inhibition in lethally irradiated mice) or to in(More)