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Image restoration based on an 1-data-fitting term and edge preserving total variation regularization is considered. The associated non-smooth energy minimization problem is handled by utilizing Fenchel-duality and dual regularization techniques. The latter guarantee uniqueness of the dual solution and an efficient way for reconstructing a primal solution,(More)
We retrospectively reviewed the records of 60 patients who had been referred for gastrointestinal manometry because of stasis after gastric surgery. Nausea, vomiting, bloating, abdominal pain, and weight loss were the most common symptoms. Two thirds of these patients had a well-documented history of peptic ulcer before their initial operations; in others,(More)
We sought to determine whether the proximal colon modifies its capacity to accommodate contents by altering the tone within its wall. In dogs equipped with manometric recorders in the terminal ileum and proximal colon, a highly compliant bag was introduced into the proximal colon. With the use of an electromechanical barostat, the capacity of the colonic(More)
Our hypothesis was that the canine ileocolonic sphincter (ICS), per se, would have little regulatory effect on the transit of chyme from ileum to colon. We argued, from earlier observations, that the ileocolonic junction was influenced more by functional motor integration of the ileum, ICS, and proximal colon. In five dogs, the ileocolonic sphincter was(More)
We describe here further observations on a novel motor phenomenon that can be recorded regularly from the canine ileum in the late postprandial period, i.e., when residue of a meal reaches the distal small bowel. We reported before that this unique pattern of motility consisted of intraluminal pressure waves at a frequency (20-24/min) much greater than that(More)
The measurement of gastrointestinal transit time, GITT, is of particular interest in the study of gastrointestinal activity and in the diagnosis of some pathologies. In the present work we report the measurements of GITT obtained by applying the biomagnetic method.
while a median filter was introduced by Noori and Saryazdi (2010). A popular variation model in reconstructing blocky images corrupted with Gaussian noise is the Rudin-Osher-Fatemi (ROF) model (Rudin et al. 1992) where Ω is a simply connected bounded domain in ℝ 2 with Lipschitz continuous boundary ∂Ω, and α > 0 is the regulariza-tion parameter. The(More)
Different worldwide volcanic areas are densely populated and urbanized. For instance, in Italy, despite being the most active volcano in Europe, Mt Etna is home to approximately one million people. During the last decades, the vulnerability of the Etnean area has increased exponentially due to continued, at times wild, urbanization, with the consequence(More)
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