Marreta Coleman

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BACKGROUND General practitioners state the reason for referring patients in referral letters. The paucity of information in these letters has been the source of criticism from specialist colleagues. OBJECTIVE To invite general practitioners to set standards for referral letters to gastroenterologists and to apply these standards to actual referral letters(More)
A total of 212 child care providers residing in a southeastern state were surveyed about their knowledge and attitudes toward AIDS and child care policies. Providers' feeling about caring for an HIV-infected child, rather than their perceived knowledge of AIDS, were most consistently correlated with their factual knowledge and positive attitudes toward(More)
This paper reports upon a Welsh Office funded "clinical effectiveness" project. The project aimed to produce evidence-based practice guidelines for depot neuroleptic medication. An audit was conducted to establish current practice regarding the provision of illness and treatment specific information to out-patients and their informal carers. Sixty-five(More)
In this article we report on reading ability of twin children in kindergarten to Grade 2 as a function of whether members of the pairs are assigned to the same or different classrooms. All analyses were run using mixed model regressions to account for the interdependence between twin pairs. The samples, total N = 1505, are from Australia and the United(More)
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