Marques Rodrigues

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OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to evaluate the differences between male and female patients, during hospitalization and follow-up, after acute myocardial infarction. PATIENTS The clinical data and follow-up files of 504 previously hospitalized patients were studied. The patients were divided in two groups: Group A (male, n = 434) with a mean age of(More)
The most clinically important blood group systems in transfusion medicine, excluding the ABO system, are the RH, Kell, and Kidd systems. Alloantibodies to antigens of these systems may be produced following blood transfusion or during pregnancy and can result in serious hemolytic transfusion reactions and hemolytic disease of the newborn. We developed rapid(More)
The halophyte species Plantago coronopus has several described ethnomedicinal uses, but few reported biological activities. This work carried out for the first time a comparative analysis of P. coronopus organs in terms of phenolic composition and antioxidant activity of organic and water extracts from roots, leaves and flowers. The leaves contents in(More)
Gentamicin has an excellent cost/efficacy ratio for gram negative infections treatment. Its use is often limited in clinical practice by its narrow safety margins and a high incidence of toxicity. Gentamicin related nephrotoxicity is a major adverse effect, mostly in patients with other concomitant potential risk factors. As many other Authors we have found(More)
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