Marques B. Harrer

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Fos immunohistochemistry was used to elucidate the pattern of activation elicited by two qualitatively and hedonically distinct taste stimuli, sucrose and quinine, within the first-order gustatory relay, the rostral division of the nucleus of the solitary tract. Compared to unstimulated controls, both sucrose and quinine elicited significant increases in(More)
PURPOSE To present a novel experimental approach for treating irregular corneal astigmatism. METHODS After decomposition of topographic analysis data into orthogonal Zernike polynomials, a regular target surface was defined, and the ablation profile was calculated. In a polymethylmethacrylate with an irregular surface, computer-controlled ablation was(More)
To represent the valence bands of cuhic semiconductors a coordinate transformation is proposed such that the hole energy becomes an independent variable. This choice considerably simplifies the evaluation of the integrated scattering probability and the choice of the state after scattering in a Monte Carlo procedure. In the new coordinate system, a(More)
Structures for lossless ion manipulations (SLIM) have recently demonstrated the ability for near lossless ion focusing, transfer, and trapping in subatmospheric pressure regions. While lossless ion manipulations are advantageously applied to the applications of ion mobility separations and gas phase reactions, ion introduction through ring electrode ion(More)
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