Marquerite Young

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The response to primary immunization in patients treated with Rituximab (RIT) is not clear. We studied the in vivo antibody response of chronic renal failure (CRF) patients to the neoantigen bacteriophage phiX174 given alone or after ablation with RIT. Eighteen CRF subjects received two immunizations with phiX174 separated by 6 weeks. Nine subjects received(More)
  • Louis L Huang, DJ NIKOLIC-PATERSON, +15 authors Albert Sakzewski
  • Nephrology
  • 2012
Aim: To establish the contribution of macrophage mineralocorticoid receptor (MR) signalling to kidney infl ammation and injury in progressive kidney disease. Background: Clinical and experimental studies have identifi ed that MR antagonists substantially reduce kidney injury; however, the side effect of hyperkalaemia, particularly in the context of renal(More)
s The Journal of Pain S81 comparison test criteria, indicating comparable dissolution profiles among aqueous (0% ethanol) and ethanol-containing media. The 100-mg dosage demonstrated a significantly slower dissolution in 40% ethanol and therefore did not pass the f2 test. Ethanol in concentrations of 5%–20% had no clear effect on dissolution rates in either(More)
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