Maroun Chamoun

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The task of managing information technology resources becomes increasingly complex as managers must take heterogeneous systems, different networking technologies, and distributed applications into consideration. Policy-based networking (PBN) has emerged as a promising paradigm for configuration management and service provisioning. The Common Open Policy(More)
Due to their two main applications, instant messaging and file sharing, peer-to-peer (P2P) systems are gaining more and more attention. JXTA, an interoperable and platform independent peer-to-peer computing infrastructure, has been adopted in an increasing number of network applications providing cooperative services and more specifically a file-sharing(More)
Software-Defined Networking (SDN) will revolutionize networks by decoupling the Data and Control Planes and therefore offering much more agility, flexibility and end-to-end control; and this is what is needed today by Cloud Computing. SDN benefits will allow both Enterprises and Cloud service providers to enhance their services and their user's experience.
JXTA is an interoperable and platform independent peer-to-peer computing infrastructure. It is designed in a manner to address the needs of the widest possible set of P2P applications. In this paper, we propose SOS: a Service Oriented Architecture based on JXTA with semantic support. This contribution in regards to the existing platforms can be identified(More)
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