Maros Barabas

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In this abstract, we investigate the network traffic that may cause the unauthorized control of a computer in the campus network using buffer overflow attacks, the objective of which is to gain the control of privileged programs and computers. We provide statistics of the network traffic in a campus and an eterprise network together with probabilities of a(More)
Network traffic generation was the subject of many research projects in the past, but none of them could generate network data which has the same nature as a traffic from human or machine behavior. In this paper we introduce a related work in this field of area focusing on advantages and disadvantages, such as authenticity, inaccuracy, wrong timings and(More)
This paper presents an automated detection method based on classification of network traffic using predefined set of network metrics. We proposed the set of metrics with focus on behavior of buffer overflow attacks and their sufficient description without the need of deep packet inspection. In this paper we describe two laboratory experiments of automated(More)
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