Maro Iliopoulou

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HIV-1 disseminates to diverse tissues through different cell types and establishes long-lived reservoirs. The exact cellular compartment where fusion occurs differs depending on the cell type and mode of viral transmission. This implies that HIV-1 may modulate a number of common host cell factors in different cell types. In this review, we evaluate recent(More)
Transposable elements, identified in all eukaryotes, are mobile genetic units that can change their genomic position. Transposons usually employ an excision and reintegration mechanism, by which they change position, but not copy number. In contrast, retrotransposons amplify via RNA intermediates, increasing their genomic copy number. Hence, they represent(More)
Summary An R package for performing number and brightness image analysis, with the implementation of a novel automatic detrending algorithm. Availability and implementation Available at for all platforms. Contact or Supplementary information Supplementary data are(More)
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