Marni J. Armstrong

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IN BRIEF Traditionally, aerobic training has been a central focus of exercise promotion for diabetes management. However, people with diabetes have much to gain from other forms of exercise. This article reviews the evidence and recommendations on resistance, balance, and flexibility training, as well as other, less traditional, forms of exercise such as(More)
BACKGROUND Mobile electronic devices, such as mobile phones and PDAs, have emerged as potentially useful tools in the facilitation and maintenance of weight loss. While RCTs have demonstrated a positive impact of mobile interventions, the extent to which mobile electronic devices are more effective than usual care methods is still being debated. RESULTS(More)
INTRODUCTION Farquhar Murray (1929) outlined the concept of an obstetric flying squad when, speaking to the Edinburgh Obstetric Society he suggested that there were"....... many conditions in which, instead of rushing a shocked and collapsed patient to hospital for nursing and specialised aid, the specialist and nurse should be rushed to the patient".(More)
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