Marluci P Silva

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Silibinin dihemisuccinate (SDH) is a flavonoid of plant origin with hepatoprotective effects which have been partially attributed to its ability to scavenge oxygen free radicals. In the present paper the antioxidant properties of SDH were evaluated by studying the ability of this drug to react with relevant biological oxidants such as superoxide anion(More)
The relative activities of some hydrogen-donating antioxidants were assessed by comparing their activities with that of Trolox (Trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity, TEAC) for scavenging the ABTS radical cation (ABTS.+) generated in the aqueous phase. We have verified, however, that TEAC values may change with the concentration of compounds and with the(More)
Microcapsules containing Lactobacillus paracasei BGP-1 were produced by co-extrusion technology using alginate and alginate-shellac blend as wall materials. Sunflower oil and coconut fat were used as vehicles to incorporate BGP-1 into the microcapsules. The microcapsules were evaluated with regard the particle size, morphology, water activity and survival(More)
Xanthine oxidase exists in vivo predominantly as a NAD(+)-dependent dehydrogenase form (xanthine dehydrogenase) which can be transformed into oxygen-dependent oxidase forms as a result of sulfhydryl oxidation (reversible xanthine oxidase) or proteolysis (irreversible xanthine oxidase). Xanthine oxidase has been hypothesized to be a potential source of(More)
Cinnamon has many health improving compounds such as proanthocyanidins, which also have potential for the prevention of damages caused by diabetes. Similarly, α-tocopherol is a natural antioxidant with important role on protection of fatty acids in membranes and lipoproteins. However, the addition of antioxidants in food may result in interaction with food(More)
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