Marlous Hoes

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One of the hallmarks of human solid tumors is chromosomal instability (CIN). We studied global patterns as well as individual levels of CIN and determined the prognostic relevance among breast cancer subtypes. For this, we used single nucleotide polymorphism copy number data of 313 primary lymph-node negative breast cancers. The level of CIN for individual(More)
Perovskites are attractive candidates for the solar-driven thermochemical redox splitting of CO2 and H2 O into CO and H2 (syngas) and O2 . This work investigates the surface activity of La1-x Srx Mn1-y Aly O3-δ (0≤x≤1, 0≤y≤1) and La0.6 Ca0.4 Mn0.6 Al0.4 O3-δ . At 1623 K and 15 mbar O2 , the oxygen non-stoichiometry of La0.2 Sr0.8 Mn0.8 Al0.2 O3-δ increases(More)
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