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Some researchers have developed relevant and diverse proposals for improving the content quality of the learner model in Intelligent Tutoring Systems, mainly reducing its uncertainty. Following this aim, this paper proposes an open learner modeling approach using Bayesian networks, focusing on negotiation mechanism to solve detected cognitive conflicts that(More)
There is an impending need for an intelligent system to organize the large amount of information currently present in the World Wide Web (WWW). It has become humanely impossible to retrieve, sort and organize the surplus information in the WWW. Semantic web is an evolving extension of the World Wide Web in which web content is organized meaningfully in a(More)
To better evaluate the usefulness of female Haemonchus specimens for specific identification, we undertook a detailed analysis of the morphology of a collection of worms obtained from cattle and sheep in shared pastures. Based on the results, we also more precisely evaluated the host-specificity of Haemonchus contortus, H. placei and H. similis occurring(More)
Pachydermoperiostosis is a rare genetic disease that causes major bone and skin changes. Severe ptosis is a prominent finding in this peculiar condition. We report here 2 patients with typical features of pachydermoperiostosis. Their tarsal plates were enlarged and infiltrated by sebaceous gland tissue. One patient also displayed diffuse intratarsal(More)
The Interactive Digital TV may be the main source of digital inclusion in the world besides it being a means of spreading education to a greater number of people in anywhere. In this new form of interaction, the concept of learning based on interactive TV (t-learning) arises, which it will make a simple viewer in a student that would have access to(More)