Marlon Núñez

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In the process of concept learning, target concepts may have portions with short-term changes, other portions may support long-term changes, and yet others may not change at all. For this reason several local windows need to be handled. We suggest facing this problem, which naturally exists in the field of concept learning, by allocating windows which can(More)
In order to discover behavior patterns, current algorithms only analyze historical data in terms of performance data or fault events, ignoring the temporal correlation among different types of information, including the configuration changes. A method is presented that can discover recurrent patterns from multiple flows of events, such as alarms and(More)
Malaria is one of the most significant tropical diseases, and of the Plasmodium species that cause human malaria, P. vivax is the most geographically widespread. However, P. vivax remains a relatively neglected human parasite since research is typically limited to laboratories with direct access to parasite isolates from endemic field settings or from(More)
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