Marloes Brückwilder

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We have blocked creatine kinase (CK)-mediated phosphocreatine (PCr) -->/<-- ATP transphosphorylation in skeletal muscle by combining targeted mutations in the genes encoding mitochondrial and cytosolic CK in mice. Contrary to expectation, the PCr level was only marginally affected, but the compound was rendered metabolically inert. Mutant muscles in vivo(More)
We have introduced a single knock-out mutation in the mitochondrial creatine kinase gene (ScCKmit) in the mouse germ line via targeted mutagenesis in mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells. Surprisingly, ScCKmit -/- muscles, unlike muscles of mice with a deficiency of cytosolic M-type creatine kinase (M-CK -/-; Van Deursen et al. (1993) Cell 74, 621-631), display(More)
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