Marloes A van Beek

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Inventories of tree species are often conducted to guide conservation efforts in tropical forests. Such surveys are time consuming, demanding of expertise, and expensive to perform and interpret. Approaches to make survey efforts simpler or more effective would be valuable. In particular, it would be good to be able to easily identify areas of old-growth(More)
Forest fires remain a devastating phenomenon in the tropics that not only affect forest structure and biodiversity, but also contribute significantly to atmospheric CO2. Fire used to be extremely rare in tropical forests, leaving ample time for forests to regenerate to pre-fire conditions. In recent decades, however, tropical forest fires occur more(More)
Tree species rarely exposed to burning, like in everwet tropical forests, are unlikely to be fire adapted. Therefore, one could hypothesize that these species are affected equally by burning and that tree abundance changes are linked solely to fire behavior. Alternatively, if species do react differentially to burning, abundance changes should be linked to(More)
We have extended our investigation of the v'-dependent predissociation dynamics of the ClO A(2)Pi(3/2) state using velocity-map ion imaging. Correlated fine-structure branching ratios are reported for v' = 0-5. The measured branching ratios are non-statistical and are qualitatively inconsistent with adiabatic dissociation dynamics. The coupling constants(More)
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