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Fifty-seven women with breast cancer completed measures of family adaptability and cohesion, marital adjustment, and psychosocial adjustment to illness. Using a circumplex model of family systems, we examined whether subjects who perceived their families at moderate levels of cohesion and adaptability reported better psychosocial adjustment than subjects(More)
Young adults' relationships with mothers and fathers are compared in a survey of undergraduates. Both men and women report spending more time with mothers than fathers. They indicate receiving more positive treatment from mothers and experiencing more positive emotion and closeness with them than fathers. Correlations between perceptions of treatment and(More)
This study examined the predictive validity of widely utilized neuropsychological tests, the Cognitive Behavioral Driving Inventory (CBDI) and the Useful Field of View (UFOV), to predict driving abilities in a community-dwelling older adult population. Thirty-nine older adults were given the test battery and an on-the-road driving test. Results indicated(More)
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