Marlies Van der Wee

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The deployment of a new fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network will open up a much higher bandwidth to the customers compared to currently deployed copperbased solutions, but its rollout costs are immense. Opening the network and sharing the same infrastructure and its costs with multiple actors offers important cost saving opportunities. A so-called open access(More)
The fast evolution of networks, techniques and tools makes designing the business case for a new high tech customer offer a collaborative task, in which multiple specialized firms each provide their own expertise to the offer, making it as such the most advanced, yet cost-effective on the market. While in the past, the design of such a business case was(More)
Within the European telecommunications industry, there is a trend towards the development of fiber-based access networks, more specifically Fiber-to-the-Home (FttH) networks. However, the rollout progress of these networks across Europe differs significantly. Several successful business cases exist in Sweden, the Netherlands and Denmark, while other(More)
Upgrading telecommunications access networks requires large investments in deploying new optical infrastructure, especially in terms of construction works and costs to reach the end-user, which seem only affordable in densely populated areas. By evaluating a cost-benefit analysis for the deployment of a point-to-point dark fiber infrastructure, this paper(More)
Underground installation of utility infrastructures such as energy and telecoms is prevalent in large parts of Europe. As this labor-intensive trenching comprises 70% - 80% of deployment cost, the overall investment for Fiber-to-the-Home installations can be significant. Important reductions in these costs are possible by performing road works in synergy.(More)
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