Marlies Schütz

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Timely discharge of patients is a major concern of hospitals due to the significant impact of reimbursement constraints. This presents special challenges for hospitals and their staff, who care for an increasing number of elderly patients who do not require acute care, but are waiting for placement in extended-care facilities. The authors describe(More)
Antiretroviral therapy continues to rapidly evolve and complex drug interactions are common. The quick reference guide is an attempt to summarize the following aspects of highly active antiretroviral treatment in concise tables: dosing of antiretroviral agents; drug-drug interactions between antiretroviral agents; antiretroviral resistance mutations and(More)
Production and trade processes in the textile industry have been undergoing tremendous changes in structure due to both changes in technology (i.e. increased mechanization and automation processes) and in the institutional environment (i.e. the assignment of the WTO treaty in 1994). This paper studies the restructuring process in the textile industry from(More)
At present, the discussion on the dichotomy between statics and dynamics is resolved by concentrating on its mathematical meaning. Yet, a simple formalisation masks the underlying methodological discussion. Overcoming this limitation, the paper discusses Schumpeter's and Veblen's viewpoint on dynamic economic systems as systems generating change from(More)
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