Marlies Rybnicek

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An emerging technology that increasingly gains importance on the biometric market during the last years is vein recognition. Therefore, in this paper a novel palm vein recognition system is presented which is based on the Enhanced Local Gabor Binary Patterns Histogram Sequence (ELGBPHS) algorithm. The ELGBPHS is a well-established face recognition algorithm(More)
Mobile devices nowadays contain a variety of personal or even business-related information that is worth being protected from unauthorized access. Owners of such devices should use a passcode or unlock pattern to secure such important assets, but since these techniques are being perceived as annoying barriers, locked devices are not standard. But even if(More)
Nowadays health, safety or economic wealth more than ever depend on the correct functionality of services (e.g. water supply, power supply) provided by critical infrastructures. To provide the demanded service level and to mitigate the effects of malfunctions and breakdowns of components it is vital to have flexible modeling and simulation capabilities. In(More)
The outage of Critical Infrastructures (CI) can have devastating impacts on our society, economic welfare and political stability. One risk that is often encountered in critical infrastructure sectors is its high dependence on ICT components and the complex interdependencies between shared services. Recent cyber attacks (such as Stuxnet, Flame, Gauss)(More)
File carving is a recovery technique which does not consider file tables or other meta-data which is used to organize data on storage media. As files can be recovered based only on their content and/or structure, this technique is an indispensable task during digital investigations. The main contribution of this paper is the description of procedures that(More)
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