Marlene R. Miller

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BACKGROUND Although children are at the greatest risk for medication errors, little is known about the overall epidemiology of these errors, where the gaps are in our knowledge, and to what extent national medication error reduction strategies focus on children. OBJECTIVE To synthesise peer reviewed knowledge on children's medication errors and on(More)
Use of patient safety reporting systems (PSRS) to identify and mitigate risks to patients who are harmed by medical care has been a national priority for nearly a decade. Yet, most reporting systems are still new and focus on reporting events. To improve the value of PSRS, we must use the data to identify safety hazards, prioritize where to focus resources,(More)
remarkable variations in processes and outcomes , the interest in quality measurement has increased exponentially. Manifestations of this interest include widespread promulgation of quality measures, an increase in public reporting of these measures, and early experiments in paying for quality. 1,2 Now that quality of care is being measured rather than(More)
During a planned, rapid deployment of a modified commercial CPOE product to units at an academic pediatric center, problems from users and staff were collected and entered in text format on a commercially available online problem tracking system. Content analysis of 278 collected text reports collected over 3 weeks after the 24-hour rollout period revealed(More)
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