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PURPOSE To determine the effects of endogenous elevation of homocysteine on the retina using the cystathionine beta-synthase (cbs) mutant mouse. METHODS Retinal homocysteine in cbs mutant mice was measured by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). Retinal cryosections from cbs(-/-) mice and cbs(+/-) mice were examined for histologic changes by(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare nurse managers and nonmanagers in their orientations to power and in their communication styles. A complementary purpose was to examine the relationship between six orientations to power and social style. Forty-seven hospitals were randomly selected with 43 used for analysis. The director of nursing and a staff nurse(More)
Team-building efforts of the nurse executive will raise nursing's status and strengthen nursing's image as a reliable, self-managed department able to make valuable contributions to health care delivery. Nurse administrators who assume the responsibility of building and maintaining productive interdisciplinary teams at the executive level will be rewarded(More)
  • M J Farley
  • 1989
Communication problems exist in every organization. Nurse administrators can address these problems by conducting a communication assessment. The author provides suggestions for developing a tool to assess the communication system of an organization. Data obtained from the assessment can provide the basis for improving communications. Potential outcomes of(More)
The intrapersonal component of human communication, self-talk, influences what we say and how we respond to another in interpersonal dialogues. A model of communication that incorporates the notion of self-talk, both that of the speaker and that of the listener, is useful in assisting nurses in making more realistic appraisals of communication interactions(More)
Teams are an essential part of perioperative nursing practice. Nurses who have a knowledge of teamwork and experience in working on teams have a greater understanding of the processes and problems involved as teams develop from new, immature teams to those that are mature and effective. This understanding will assist nurses in helping their teams achieve a(More)
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