Marlen D Eve

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Average annual net change in soil carbon stocks under past and current management is needed as part of national reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and to evaluate the potential for soils as sinks to mitigate increasing atmospheric CO2. We estimated net soil C stock changes for US agricultural soils during the period from 1982 to 1997 using the IPCC(More)
Our study demonstrates the utility of coarse spatial-resolution satellite spectra for analysis of vegetation phenophases and response to moisture availability in an arid ecosystem. We show the feasibility of deriving information on vegetation parameters such as stress and growth patterns in arid regions through the use of satellite-derived vegetation(More)
Agroforestry as a land management practice presents a method for partially offsetting greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural land. Of all agroforestry practices in the United States, windbreaks in particular are used throughout the United States providing a useful starting point for deriving a modelling system which could quantify the amount of carbon(More)
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