Marlee A Carlson

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To identify genes whose expression correlated with biological features of childhood leukemia, we prospectively analyzed the expression profiles of 4608 genes using cDNA microarrays in 51 freshly processed bone marrow samples from children with acute leukemia, over a 24-month period, at a single institution. Two supervised methods of analysis were used to(More)
BACKGROUND Amplification of the N-myc oncogene is associated with adverse outcomes in the common childhood tumor, neuroblastoma. Because the transforming properties of Myc are related to its ability to modulate gene expression, the authors used cDNA microarrays to identify potential Myc target genes. METHODS Expression levels of 4608 genes were analyzed(More)
The majority of pediatric anaplastic large cell lymphomas (ALCLs) carry the t(2;5)(p23;q35) chromosomal translocation that juxtaposes the dimerization domain of nucleophosmin with anaplastic lymphoma kinase (ALK). The nucleophosmin-ALK fusion induces constitutive, ligand-independent activation of the ALK tyrosine kinase leading to aberrant activation of(More)
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