Marla M. Sanzone

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Absfract. Trophic relationships were examined using natural-abundance 'C and IjN analyses and a I5N-tracer addition experiment in Walker Branch, a 1st-order forested stream in eastern Tennessee. In the ISN-tracer addition experiment, we added I5NH, to stream water over a 6-wk period In early spring, and measured I5N:"N ratios in different taxa and biomass(More)
Models of baryon structure predict a small quadrupole deformation of the nucleon due to residual tensor forces between quarks or distortions from the pion cloud. Sensitivity to quark versus pion degrees of freedom occurs through the Q2 dependence of the magnetic (M1+), electric (E1+), and scalar (S1+) multipoles in the gamma*p-->Delta(+)-->p pi(0)(More)
New cross sections for the reaction e p-->e p eta are reported for total center of mass energy W = 1.5--1.86 GeV and invariant momentum transfer Q2 = 0.25--1.5 (GeV/c)(2). This large kinematic range allows extraction of important new information about response functions, photocouplings, and eta N coupling strengths of baryon resonances. Newly observed(More)
We have studied the elimination kinetics of iopamidol employing radioactivation and radiochemical separation. This method offers the advantage of guaranteeing absolutely no interference by radiation with tissue distribution or elimination kinetics of the analyzed compound. Our results show that iopamidol does not cross the blood-brain barrier, has no effect(More)
The differential cross section for the reaction p(γ, ηp) has been measured from threshold to 1100 MeV photon laboratory energy. For the first time, the region of the S11(1535) resonance is fully covered in a photoproduction experiment and allows a precise extraction of its parameters at the photon point. Above 1000 MeV, S-wave Preprint submitted to Elsevier(More)
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