Marla K. Faver

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Resistance management for Bt-transgenic crops relies in part on the production of sufficient numbers of susceptible insects in non-toxic refuges. Simulation models suggested that source-sink dynamics could interact with the structure of refuges to impact the production of insects in these areas. We tested the hypothesis that altering isolation between(More)
Classifying individual mosquitoes of the Anopheles quadrimaculatus species complex to species has always been time consuming and complex, involving genetic analysis and profiling. We characterized the wingbeat frequencies of the 3 species of the Anopheles quadrimaculatus complex (An. quadrimaculatus, An. smaragdinus, and An. maverlius) that occur in(More)
The repeatability of male wing-beat frequency measurements of Anopheles quadrimaculatus was determined by using mosquitoes allowed free flight in a confined space. Heritability of the wing-beat frequency trait was estimated for a laboratory and a wild-strain population of An. quadrimaculatus by using free-flight measurement with a parent-offspring(More)
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