Marla C Prenger

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Risedronate reduces the risk of new vertebral fractures up to 70% within 1 year of treatment in patients with osteoporosis. Both increases in bone mass and preservation of bone architecture are thought to contribute to antifracture effects. Our objectives were to determine the effects of risedronate on trabecular bone mass and architecture and to determine(More)
Microchip capillary electrophoresis (CE) was used with a model enzyme assay to demonstrate its potential application to combinatorial drug screening. Hydrolysis with beta-glucuronidase of the conjugated glucuronide, fluorescein mono-beta-D-glucuronide (FMG), liberated the fluorescent product, fluorescein. FMG and fluorescein were detected by fluorescence,(More)
We show that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can be used to quantify the amount of muscle in the lower legs of adult rats and to noninvasively monitor the onset and progression of denervation-induced atrophy. Muscle cross-sectional areas determined from 2D gradient-echo MR images allow longitudinal quantification of the protective effects of a(More)
Pharmaceutical studies directed toward discovering therapies for muscle atrophy depend on testing in animal models. Currently, pharmaceutical efficacy is assessed by dissection of muscles of interest and determination of their wet weight. This approach is labor intensive and requires large numbers of animals for multi-day time course studies. Clearly, a(More)
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