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Microbial fermentation of carbohydrates in the hindgut of dairy cattle is responsible for 5 to 10% of total-tract carbohydrate digestion. When dietary, animal, or environmental factors contribute to abnormal, excessive flow of fermentable carbohydrates from the small intestine, hindgut acidosis can occur. Hindgut acidosis is characterized by increased rates(More)
Changing the dissection technique for gaining access to the temporomandibular joint decreased the incidence of facial nerve injury from 25% to 1.7%. This decrease can be attributed to the elimination of both development of a skin flap and dissection of tissue overlying the lateral capsule. Normal anatomic variation in the distribution of facial nerve(More)
The relationship between residential segregation and overweight/obesity among African-American adults remains unclear. Elucidating that relationship is relevant to efforts to prevent and to reduce racial disparities in obesity. This article provides a critical review of the 11 empirical studies of segregation and overweight/obesity among African-American(More)
The effects of nitrous oxide/oxygen and oral diazepam, administered individually and in combination, on memory and psychomotor coordination were evaluated. Forty healthy adult volunteers (53% male) were randomly assigned to one of four conditions: (1) 100% oxygen and placebo, (2) 50% nitrous oxide/50% oxygen and placebo, (3) 100% oxygen and 20 mg diazepam,(More)
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