Marlén López

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We present a novel automated methodology to detect and classify periodic variable stars in a large data base of photometric time series. The methods are based on multivariate Bayesian statistics and use a multistage approach. We applied our method to the ground-based data of the Trans-Atlantic Exoplanet Survey (TrES) Lyr1 field, which is also observed by(More)
Context. Discovery of new variability classes in large surveys using multivariate statistics techniques such as clustering, relies heavily on the correct understanding of the distribution of known classes as point processes in parameter space. Aims. Our objective is to analyze the correspondence between the classical stellar variability types and the(More)
Context. Scientific exploitation of large variability databases can only be fully optimized if these archives contain, besides the actual observations, annotations about the variability class of the objects they contain. Supervised classification of observations produces these tags, and makes it possible to generate refined candidate lists and catalogues(More)
Aims. We describe here the main functionalities of the LAEX (Laboratorio de Astrofı́sica Estelar y Exoplanetas /Laboratory for Stellar Astrophysics and Exoplanets) and NASA portals for CoRoT Public Data. The CoRoT archive at LAEX was opened to the community in January 2009 and is managed in the framework of the Spanish Virtual Observatory. NStED (NASA Star(More)
In this paper, the authors present research into active materials for adaptive architectural envelopes that adapt to environmental changes, as a result of the application of biomimetics on the development of a new type of exterior walls for buildings. Plants have developed adaptation strategies for thermal comfort conservation, water management or air(More)
We present the development of a measuring distances platform by optical triangulation, as mini-project carried out in the Degree of Electronic Engineering at the University of Barcelona, in the Optoelectronic Devices course. The platform is used to represent the contour of an object's section.
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