Marlène Richard

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BACKGROUND Galectin-3 is a lectin detected in mature and early hypertrophic chondrocytes; osteoarthritic (OA) chondrocytes can re-express hypertrophic markers. OBJECTIVE To investigate the synthesis and subcellular localisation of galectin-3 in adult chondrocytes as well as the possibility of cleavage of galectin-3 by collagenase-1 and -3. METHODS(More)
BACKGROUND We recently reported that human osteogenic sarcoma cells are mitogenically responsive in tissue culture to insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I), a mitogen important in the regulation of cellular proliferation of many tissues, including bone. PURPOSE The present study was designed to determine whether these in vitro observations could be(More)
The polyanionic compound suramin is currently being evaluated for antineoplastic activity. On the basis of previous in vitro studies, it has been suggested that the mechanism of action of suramin may be related to its ability to attenuate the mitogenic effects of peptide growth factors, such as platelet-derived growth factor and epidermal growth factor. We(More)
OBJECTIVE The efficacy of glucosamine sulfate (GS) in the symptomatic treatment of patients with osteoarthritis (OA) is suggested to be mediated by still unknown effects on the altered OA cartilage. DESIGN Using human OA chondrocytes in culture, the effects of GS on protein synthesis, caseinase, collagenase, phospholipase A2 (PLA2) and protein kinase C(More)
A non-competitive avidin-biotin immuno-enzymatic assay (NABA) for lysozyme is described. The assay was found to be more sensitive than a competitive assay with biotinylated lysozyme. The lower detection limit of NABA was 0.1 ng lysozyme/ml compared to 1 ng/ml for the competitive assay. The intra-assay and inter-assay coefficients of variation for NABA were(More)
Studies of binding of IGF-I to a plasma-membrane-enriched subcellular fraction prepared from MCF-7 human breast cancer cells reveal the presence of 0.2 pmols specific binding sites for this mitogen per mg membrane protein, with an equilibrium affinity constant of 1.45 nM-1. Competition studies with insulin, IGF-II, and an anti-IGF-I receptor antibody are(More)
Inflammation results from the recruitement to a given tissue or organ and the activation of leucocytes, among which the monocytes-macrophages play a major role. These phagocytic cells produce high levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) as well as cytokines. Whereas both ROS and cytokines have the potential to regulate the expression of heat shock(More)
In order to estimate the effect of a chemically modified casein, glycosylation processes were studied in rats fed a diet containing this protein. Two groups of rats were fed either a methionyl-casein diet or a normal casein diet. The methionyl-casein was enriched in methionine by covalent linkage of this amino-acid. The nutritional data (growth, protein(More)
Competitive binding techniques were used to study the interaction of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF-I) with a plasma membrane-enriched subcellular fraction purified from primary breast and colon carcinoma specimens obtained at surgery. The presence of specific binding sites for IGF-I was detected in all tumour specimens studied. Scatchard analysis and(More)