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OBJECTIVES The aim of the study was to evaluate sleep quality and nocturnal gas exchange in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF) and to assess if sleep quality and daytime lung function could predict nocturnal hypoxaemia or hypercapnia. STUDY DESIGN Daytime sleepiness and objective sleep quality were evaluated by the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI)(More)
In normal upper airways, nitric oxide is generated by the paranasal sinus epithelium and then diffuses into the nasal cavities. This study examined whether or not nasal NO concentration is affected by paranasal sinus inflammatory diseases. The influence of obstruction (nasal polyposis) and/or inflammation (allergy or chronic sinusitis) of the paranasal(More)
BACKGROUND Nebulization times have been identified as an issue in patient compliance with tobramycin solution for inhalation (TSI) therapy in cystic fibrosis (CF). METHODS In this randomized, open-label, multicentre, two-period, crossover study, patients (n=25) with CF and chronic pulmonary pseudomonal infection received TSI for 15 days via eFlow rapid or(More)
Nocturnal oximetry can show nocturnal oxygen desaturation. This examination was proposed as an investigation for the early detection of the sleep apnoea syndrome (SAS). We have compared the results of nocturnal oximetry and polysomnography in 329 consecutive patients seen in the department of thoracic medicine for the early detection of the SAS between June(More)
BACKGROUND Cetirizine and ebastine are two second-generation histamine H1 antagonists undergoing evaluation for treatment of perennial rhinitis. OBJECTIVE The clinical efficacy and safety of once daily cetirizine 10 mg were compared with ebastine 10 mg in patients with perennial allergic rhinitis in a 4-week, double-blind, parallel-group, randomized,(More)
The tachykinin substance P (SP) is present in lung sensory nerve endings and may be released after neurogenic stimulation. Its role in the pathogenesis of asthma is still unclear. Nevertheless, it may play a major role in airway neurogenic inflammation. Alveolar macrophages are the predominant cells of the airway space and are involved in various types of(More)
BACKGROUND No guidelines are available for noninvasive ventilation (NIV) for cystic fibrosis (CF). OBJECTIVE To survey and evaluate the use of NIV for CF in France. METHODS We surveyed the coordinator physicians of every accredited CF center in France. RESULTS The respondents represented 36 centers (15 pediatric centers, 13 adult centers, and 8(More)
Bronchiectasis is one of the most neglected diseases in respiratory medicine. There are no approved therapies and few large-scale, representative epidemiological studies. The EMBARC (European Multicentre Bronchiectasis Audit and Research Collaboration) registry is a prospective, pan-European observational study of patients with bronchiectasis. The inclusion(More)
Rhinopharyngeal tuberculosis is a rare pathological condition. It is most often associated with lymph node and pulmonary lesions, but it may be an isolated finding. The authors report a recent case of an isolated rhinopharyngeal tuberculosis in a 64-year-old female. A review of the literature is presented. They emphasize the clinical presentation, that, in(More)