Marlène Assié

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The effect of initial correlations between nucleons on the nuclear breakup mechanism is studied. A quantum transport theory which extends the standard mean-field approach is developed to incorporate short range pairing correlation as well as direct nucleon-nucleon collisions. A time evolution of the nuclear breakup from a correlated system leading to the(More)
An excited state in the proton-rich unbound nucleus 12O was identified at 1.8(4) MeV via missing-mass spectroscopy with the 14O(p,t) reaction at 51 AMeV. The spin-parity of the state was determined to be 0+ or 2+ by comparing the measured differential cross sections with distorted-wave calculations. The lowered location of the excited state in 12O indicates(More)
The decay of (19)O(β(-)) and (19)Ne(β(+)) implanted in niobium in its superconducting and metallic phases was measured using purified radioactive beams produced by the SPIRAL GANIL facility. Half-lives and branching ratios measured in the two phases are consistent within a 1σ error bar. This measurement casts strong doubts on the predicted strong electron(More)
A candidate resonant tetraneutron state is found in the missing-mass spectrum obtained in the double-charge-exchange reaction ^{4}He(^{8}He,^{8}Be) at 186  MeV/u. The energy of the state is 0.83±0.65(stat)±1.25(syst)  MeV above the threshold of four-neutron decay with a significance level of 4.9σ. Utilizing the large positive Q value of the (^{8}He,^{8}Be)(More)
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