Marlène Arnold

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MicroRNAs (miRNA) are negative regulators of gene expression at the posttranscriptional level, which are involved in tumorigenesis. Two miRNAs, miR-15a and miR-16, which are located at chromosome 13q14, have been implicated in cell cycle control and apoptosis, but little information is available about their role in solid tumors. To address this question, we(More)
Sea surface reservoir ages must be known to establish a common chronological framework for marine, continental, and cryospheric paleoproxies, and are crucial for understanding ocean-continent climatic relationships and the paleoventilation of the ocean. Radiocarbon dates of planktonic foraminifera and tephra contemporaneously deposited over Mediterranean(More)
The descriptive term papillary glioneuronal tumor (PGNT) has been repeatedly applied to a morphologic subset of low-grade mixed glial-neuronal neoplasia of juvenile and young adult patients. We report on a 13-year-old boy with PGNT of the left temporal lobe, who presented with headaches and a single generalized seizure. On magnetic resonance imaging, tumor(More)
PURPOSE Malignant glial brain tumors consistently overexpress neurokinin type 1 receptors. In classic seed-based brachytherapy, one to several rigid (125)I seeds are inserted, mainly for the treatment of small low-grade gliomas. The complex geometry of rapidly proliferating high-grade gliomas requires a diffusible system targeting tumor-associated surface(More)
We report our experience on the diagnostic approach, treatment, and follow-up of primary submandibular gland tumors. Retrospective review. Tertiary referral center. Forty-one adult patients, 22 male and 19 female, with primary submandibular gland tumors, 20 benign and 21 malignant. Age, gender, clinical findings, cyto- and histopathology, treatment and(More)
Diffusely infiltrating gliomas (WHO grade II–IV) are the most common primary brain tumours in adults. These tumours are not amenable to cure by surgery alone, so suitable biomarkers for adjuvant modalities are required to guide therapeutic decision-making. Epigenetic silencing of the O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase (MGMT) gene by promoter methylation(More)
Multiple spinal extradural meningeal cysts are rare. To the authors' knowledge, there have been only four reported cases in the world literature. The authors report a case of multiple spinal extradural meningeal cysts in a 31-year-old woman presenting with acute paraplegia. Magnetic resonance imaging of the thoracolumbar spine revealed multiple extradural(More)
The heavy metals, Zn, Cu, and Fe, have been investigated quantitatively and histochemically in certain animal tumors, viz., DAB-induced liver tumor, fibroma, benzpyrenefibrosarcoma, adenoma and carcinoma of mammary gland, and carcinoma of prostate. The findings in these tumors have been compared with normal liver, spleen, tendon, mammary gland, and prostate(More)
The relationship between expression of cell surface glycoproteins encoded by the major histocompatibility complex (MHC) and immunogenicity of a recently obtained spontaneous murine mammary adenocarcinoma (designated CBA.SP1) was examined. Immunogenic and nonimmunogenic variant clones were isolated from a subclone of the parent tumor after treatment with the(More)