Markus von Ins

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The growth rate of scientific publication has been studied from 1907 to 2007 using available data from a number of literature databases, including Science Citation Index (SCI) and Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI). Traditional scientific publishing, that is publication in peer-reviewed journals, is still increasing although there are big differences(More)
The literature on publication counting demonstrates the use of various terminologies and methods. In many scientific publications, no information at all is given about the counting methods used. There is a lack of knowledge and agreement about the sort of information provided by the various methods, about the theoretical and technical limitations for the(More)
The robustness or breakdown of Lotka’s law about the frequency distribution of scientific productivity depends on scientific cooperation, counting methods, interdisciplinary publishing and selection methods for sample collections. We have chosen to analyse the relationship using Mandelbrot’s equivalent distribution model because this model is sensitive and(More)
Using a database for publications established at CEST and covering the period from 1981 to 2002 the differences in national scores obtained by different counting methods have been measured. The results are supported by analysing data from the literature. Special attention has been paid to the comparison between the EU and the USA. There are big differences(More)
The German Research Foundation’s (DFG) Emmy Noether Programme aims to fund excellent young researchers in the postdoctoral phase and, in particular, to open up an alternative to the traditional route to professorial qualification via the Habilitation (venia legendi). This paper seeks to evaluate this funding programme with a combination of methods made up(More)
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