Markus Zdrallek

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Due to the increasing installation of decentralized generation units and the increasing demand of electrical power on distribution level the low voltage grids in Europe are facing different problems, e.g. deviations of the permitted voltage range or local inner overloads of the grid equipment. To overcome these problems a self-sustaining monitoring and(More)
Based on the regulation of grid fees and the regulatory requirements on the quality of supply, grid operators attempt to find an optimal balance between costs and quality of supply. One main aspect of the quality of supply is the non-availability of supply, which strongly depends on the duration of the re-supply process and therefore on the availability of(More)
Reliability calculation programs for electrical power systems are available since the early 80s and have been since then continuously developed e.g. [1] [2]. However, these programs are designed for conventional power supply systems which consist of predominantly consumers. Through the development of electrical power systems in Europe and particularly the(More)
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