Markus Woegerbauer

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INTRODUCTION Motility-related protein (MRP)-1/CD9 is implicated in cell adhesion and motility and was shown to be clearly involved in tumor prognosis and angiogenesis. Elevated MRP-1/CD9 expression on tumor cells has been linked to a favorable prognosis in breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, and HNSCC. Because MRP-1/CD9 is associated with(More)
Fragments of erm(E2), otrA, and aph(6) shorter than 400 bp and producer strain-specific rRNA genes were amplified from various antibiotics. The amount of genetic material and the sizes of amplicons recovered from murine feces after oral administration of a beta-lactamase-encoding plasmid indicated substantial DNA degradation in the mammalian(More)
However, this group of stakeholders is essentially relying on a comprehensive uncertainty analysis accompanying disseminated conclusions and recommendations for an informed decision making. Only if this provision is met, risk managers, policy makers, and decision makers are able to fulfill their tasks and duties responsibly. Uncertainty comprises all types(More)
When reactive oxygen species attack biological structures, peroxides, which are short-lived oxidative intermediates, are generated. We evaluated the potential of two different, commercially available peroxide activity assays (Pox-Act and d-ROMS) to see whether the results were associated with the clinical condition of subjects who were participating in a(More)
An improved rapid method for the identification of yeasts and yeast-like fungi from clinical sources which is based on fatty acid profiles obtained by gas-liquid chromatography (GLC) is described. The fatty acid profile database is based upon internal standardisation and using the relative retention times and the retention index of the analysed fatty acids.(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES This retrospective study was performed to evaluate the status of p53 in pleomorphic adenomas and carcinomas ex pleomorphic adenoma in the parotid gland. As loss or mutation of p53 can cause malignant transformation, the possible degeneration of pleomorphic adenomas to carcinomas ex pleomorhic adenoma was investigated by mutational(More)
CD9, a member of the transmembrane 4 superfamily, is involved in cell adhesion, migration, and tumor metastasis. Little is known about its vascular expression pattern. In this study, we investigated CD9 expression on endothelial cells in the mucosa of the head and neck and compared it with vascular tumors. Using immunohistochemistry, expression of CD9 was(More)
Immunotherapy with intravenous recombinant human interleukin-2 (rh IL-2) may be accompanied by hypotension and the emergence of capillary leak syndrome. Nitric oxide (NO) is supposed to be responsible for both side effects. The aim of the current investigation was to elucidate the relationship between pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines and the production(More)
Tetraspanins including CD9, CD37, CD63, and CD151 are linked to cellular adhesion, cell differentiation, migration, carcinogenesis, and tumor progression. The aim of the study was to detect, quantify, and evaluate the prognostic value of these tetraspanins in Merkel cell carcinoma and to study the regulation of CD9 mRNA expression in Merkel cell carcinoma(More)
A 2 h single-tube, reverse-transcription(RT)-PCR/hybridization assay using the TaqMan format for rapid diagnostic screening of enterovirus (EV) infections was optimized for the real-time LightCycler (LC) technology. For low EV load clinical samples an additional 30 min reamplification step using a novel primer-mix/probe design resulted in a 100% concordance(More)