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A distributed counter is a variable that is common to all processors in the system and that supports an atomic test-and-increment operation: The operation delivers the system's counter value to the requesting processor and increments it. In this work we examine di erent aspects of distributed counting, with the emphasis on e ciency. A naive distributed(More)
Language's intentional nature has been highlighted as a crucial feature distinguishing it from other communication systems. Specifically, language is often thought to depend on highly structured intentional action and mutual mindreading by a communicator and recipient. Whilst similar abilities in animals can shed light on the evolution of intentionality,(More)
This paper presents the new synchronous language PURR, the system description language of the verification system C@S. The language is mainly based on Esterel, but extends it in several ways. These extensions are necessary to model systems at a high level of abstraction that makes stateof-the-art verification techniques applicable. Moreover, our new(More)
This paper presents a software platform for the distributed solution of complex optimization problems. For such problems there are often no outstanding approaches which always perform well. That is why we propose to use diierent solution methods simultaneously. They can communicate and thus prootate from each other. Some general paradigms are applicable to(More)
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