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The hydroxylation of vitamin D3 (VD3, cholecalciferol) side chains to give 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 (25OHVD3) is a crucial reaction in the formation of the circulating and biologically active forms of VD3 . It is usually catalyzed by cytochrome P450 monooxygenases that depend on complex electron donor systems. Cell-free extracts and a purified Mo enzyme from a(More)
We investigated the different processes involved in spore liberation in the polypod fern Adiantum peruvianum (Pteridaceae). Sporangia are being produced on the undersides of so-called false indusia, which are situated at the abaxial surface of the pinnule margins, and become exposed by a desiccation-induced movement of these pinnule flaps. The complex(More)
Persistent infection by Sindbis virus (SV) can be induced in cultures of BHK-21 cells. In a persistently infected cell line only 5% of the cells produced virus. Virus titers in the medium reached 10(5) PFU per ml. A persistent infection could be eliminated from cultures by seeding at most 100 cells per bottle. Compared with the original line decontaminated(More)
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