Markus Ullrich

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In this paper, we will present an approach to find efficient bitsliced implementations of invertible 4 × 4-bit s-boxes. The approach generalises the methods introduced by Osvik [12]. We consider equivalence classes of s-boxes under linear and affine equivalence and search for the most efficient s-box in each class. The properties of these s-boxes are(More)
—When mapping public-key algorithms, such as RSA, onto constrained devices, both efficiency and flexibility are a challenge. Because word lengths are large, minimum 1024 bits, typically a dedicated co-processor is used. On the other hand, flexibility is required, because designers want to support a variety of RSA exponentiation algorithms. Typically the(More)
The paper describes challenges and obstacleswhen developing a cloud extension for a computationally expensive desktop application to perform computation tasks in a public cloud. In a case study we highlight thisstep by step with a real-world data mining application and present solutions to realize this scenario. Amazon'sS3, EC2, RDS, SES, IAM and STS(More)
We present an approach to reduce the number of maintenance visits for medical equipment using predictive maintenance. The proposed strategy considers that repair recommendations for an ensemble of equipments close to each other can be combined to one maintenance visit. For that purpose two recommenders that are trained with different false positive rate(More)
The increasing popularity of Cloud computing, especially for high performance computing (HPC) applications offers a huge potential for optimizing the consumption of compute resources. Since hybrid Cloud platforms in particular offer the best balance between data security, performance, business agility and mobile support, they are used more and more(More)
In the area of cloud computing virtualization has become an indispensable means to enable the efficient utilization of existing compute infrastructure. Selecting the right amount of virtualized resources for an application in such an environment is not an easy task and requires the utilization of three strongly interconnected resource management areas:(More)
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