Markus Tuller

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[1] Nondestructive imaging methods such as X-ray computed tomography (CT) yield high-resolution, three-dimensional representations of pore space and fluid distribution within porous materials. Steadily increasing computational capabilities and easier access to X-ray CT facilities have contributed to a recent surge in microporous media research with(More)
Emissions of gases from agricultural and animal feeding operations contribute to climate change, produce odors, degrade sensitive ecosystems, and pose a threat to public health. The complexity of processes and environmental variables affecting these emissions complicate accurate and reliable quantification of gas fluxes and production rates. Although a(More)
A soil-water characteristic (SWC) curve describes the amount of water retained in a soil (expressed as mass or volume water content, m or v) under equilibrium at a given matric potential. An SWC is an important hydraulic property, related to size and connectedness of pore spaces, hence strongly affected by soil texture and structure, and by other(More)
Application of municipal solid waste compost (MSWC) to agricultural soils is becoming an increasingly important global practice to enhance and sustain soil organic matter (SOM) and fertility levels. Potential risks associated with heavy metals and phosphorus accumulations in surface soils may be minimized with integrated nutrient management strategies that(More)