Markus Themessl-Huber

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BACKGROUND General and preventive health checks are a key feature of contemporary policies of anticipatory care. Ensuring high and equitable uptake of such general health checks is essential to ensuring health gain and preventing health inequalities. This literature review explores the socio-demographic, clinical and social cognitive characteristics of(More)
The purpose of this paper is to report health and social care professionals' perceptions on joint working for the care of older people in Scotland. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 34 primary care and social care professionals. These professionals emphasised that joint working requires a fundamental change in thinking and a scrutiny of(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify ethical processes and recruitment strategies, participation rates of studies using audio or video recording of primary health care consultations for research purposes, and the effect of recording on the behaviour, attitudes and feelings of participants. METHODS A structured literature review using Medline, Embase, Cochrane Library,(More)
OBJECTIVE To conduct a systematic review of the effect of face-to-face delivered tailored health messages on patient behavior and applications for practice. DESIGN A systematic literature review and meta-analysis. METHODS Systematic searches of a number of electronic databases were conducted and criteria for selection of studies were specified. (More)
AIMS Healthcare providers are confronted with the claim that the distribution of health and healthcare provision is inherently unfair. There is also a growing awareness that the tools and methodologies applied in tackling health inequalities require further development. Evaluations as well as interventions usually focus on population-based indicators, but(More)
BACKGROUND The relationship between parental and child dental fear has been studied for over a century. During this time, the concept of dental fear as well as methodological approaches to studying dental fear in children have evolved considerably. AIM To provide an overview of the published empirical evidence on the link between parental and child dental(More)
AIMS To highlight older people's experiences and expectations of services and the consequences for service provision, service development and research. RATIONALE A large amount of resources have been invested in providing services for frail older people who experienced multiple hospital admissions. However, their own views are under-reported. METHOD(More)
A valid 1 item screen (“In the past 12 months, have you ever had an issue with your gambling?”) is potentially important in both a primary care setting and in research applications where an extended screen is not practical or affordable. Prior research by Thomas et al. (A one item screening tool for problem gambling for use in primary care settings,(More)
OBJECTIVES Successful partnership working has theoretically been linked to improvements in service delivery and is dependent on the strength of the partnership, trust, communication, professional roles and resource sharing. Empirical evidence to confirm the relationships between these factors and improved service provision, however, is lacking. Our aim was(More)