Markus Steinert

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A new type of [2×2] matrix-like complexes with one vertex devoid of a metal ion has been selectively synthesized. The defect-grid triiron(II) complex exhibits a sharp and complete spin-crossover (SCO) from the 1HS-2LS to the 2HS-1LS state (HS: high spin; LS: low spin) with wide hysteresis near room temperature. Although the "structurally soft" H-bonded(More)
A fast and efficient palladium-catalyzed fourfold domino Sonogashira/double-carbopalladation/CH-activation reaction that converts simple aromatic systems into complex polycyclic hydrocarbons has been developed. A number of substituted products has thus been prepared in yields up to 89 %. The structural assignment has been confirmed by using single-crystal(More)
A brownish-black complex [Fe(III)(L)2] (1) (S = 0), supported by two tridentate redox-active azo-appended o-amidophenolates [H2L = 2-(2-phenylazo)-anilino-4,6-di-tert-butylphenol], has been synthesized and structurally characterized. In CH2Cl2 1 displays two oxidative and two reductive 1e(-) redox processes at E1/2 values of 0.48 and 1.06 V and -0.42 and(More)
The new compartmental proligand 4-bromo-3,5-bis{6-(2,2'-bipyridyl)}pyrazole (HL(Br)) was synthesized and shown to form robust [2 × 2] grid complexes [Fe(II)4L(Br)4]X4 with various counteranions (X(-) = PF6(-), ClO4(-), BF4(-), Br(-)). The grid [Fe(II)4L(Br)4](4+) is stable in solution and features two high-spin (HS) and two low-spin (LS) ferrous ions in(More)
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