Markus Steinbach

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Models of language processing in the human brain often emphasize the prediction of upcoming input-for example in order to explain the rapidity of language understanding. However, the precise mechanisms of prediction are still poorly understood. Forward models, which draw upon the language production system to set up expectations during comprehension,(More)
Stenting of esophageal leaks, ie, anastomotic leaks or perforations, might be a minimally invasive alternative to surgery in most clinical situations. However, it must be emphasized that surgery should be considered if stent treatment in combination with drainage and antibiotics does not improve the clinical condition of the patient. Stent insertion should(More)
Order preservation effects are documented with a number of movement operations in various languages, among them wh-movement in English (superiority), multiple wh-movement in Bulgarian, object shift in Danish and Icelandic, pronoun fronting in German, Case-driven NP raising in English, and quantifier raising in German. Beginning with Lakoff (1971), several(More)
Deutsch Transitive reflexive Sätze des Deutschen lassen sich unter den Begriff des Mediums fassen. Genauso wie entsprechende Konstruktionen in anderen indoeuropäischen Sprachen sind sie auch im Deutschen mehrdeutig und erlauben eine reflexive, mediale, antikausative und inherent reflexive Interpretation. Nach einem Überblick über die für die folgende(More)
Historically, errors in spontaneous speech, i.e., slips of the tongue, have been collected and studied for various reasons. One motivation for collecting such errors and probably the most familiar one outside of linguistic circles was to gain insight into psychological repressions. Sigmund Freud (1901/1954), for instance, was convinced that slips of the(More)
We will propose a novel solution to the free choice puzzle that is driven by empirical data<lb>from legal discourse and does not suffer from the same problems as implicature-based accounts. We will<lb>argue against implicature-based accounts and provide an entailment-based solution. Following Anderson’s<lb>violation-based deontic logic, we will demonstrate(More)
As is well known, Frege (1892) argued that the sentential complements of propositional attitude predicates refer to propositions. W.V. Quine, who disdained intensional objects like propositions, briefly suggested instead an analysis of such complements crucially involving quotation (1956), and Donald Davidson took up and elaborated this suggestion in a(More)
Polyvalent verbs can be combined with different sets of complements. The variation concerns both number and type of the complements. In most grammar theoretical frameworks, verbs are of crucial importance for the syntactic structure and semantic interpretation of clauses. They determine via subcategorization frames how many complements of which type are(More)
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