Markus Steinbach

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The first version of this article (Müller (1997b)) was written during my stay at Potsdam University in the winter of 1996/1997, and I am grateful to the Innovationskolleg " Formale Modelle kognitiver Komplexität " for its generous support. Abstract: Order preservation effects are documented with a number of movement operations in various languages, among(More)
Models of language processing in the human brain often emphasize the prediction of upcoming input-for example in order to explain the rapidity of language understanding. However, the precise mechanisms of prediction are still poorly understood. Forward models, which draw upon the language production system to set up expectations during comprehension,(More)
  • Marcus Kracht, Katherine Demuth, Alan Dench, Jan Van Eijck, Hans-Martin Gärtner, Willi Geuder +15 others
  • 1999
Avant Propos This manuscript has a long history. The origins go back to 1992, when I first met Albert Visser and Kees Vermeulen while I was working in a project on the parallels between natural languages and programming languages. I learned about referent systems and slowly the idea idea of trying to implement this on a larger scale for natural languages(More)
English Crosslinguistically, transitive reflexive sentences in German can be subsumed under the notion of middle voice. Like corresponding constructions in Indo-European languages they are also ambiguous in German and yield a reflexive, middle, anticausative, and inherent reflexive interpretation. First, we give a detailed survey of the syntactic and(More)
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