Markus Schwab

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The NG2 glycoprotein is a type I membrane protein expressed by immature cells in the developing and adult mouse. NG2+ cells of the embryonic and adult brain have been principally viewed as oligodendrocyte precursor cells but have additionally been considered a fourth glial class. They are likely to be a heterogeneous population. In order to facilitate(More)
This paper proceeds from the definition of teleradiology. It identifies three different generations of teleradiology systems and includes those systems that are not regarded as teleradiology systems by the authors. A list of requirements pertinent to users of first-generation teleradiology systems is introduced. Most of the requirements have been realized(More)
Members of the basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) family of transcription factors have been shown to control critical aspects of development in many tissues. To identify bHLH genes that might regulate specific aspects of retinal cell development, we investigated the expression of bHLH genes in single, developing mouse retinal cells, with particular emphasis on(More)
Genetic labeling based on the Cre/lox reporter system has allowed the creation of fate maps for progenitor cells and their offspring. In the diencephalon, pools of progenitors express the plp transcripts in the zona limitans intrathalamica (ZLI), the basal plate of the diencephalon (bpD), and the posterior part of the hypothalamus. We used plp-Cre(More)
Death receptor (DR) signaling has a major impact on the outcome of numerous neurological diseases, including ischemic stroke. DRs mediate not only cell death signals, but also proinflammatory responses and cell proliferation. Identification of regulatory proteins that control the switch between apoptotic and alternative DR signaling opens new therapeutic(More)
This paper presents a speech enhancement method for noise robust front-end and speech reconstruction at the back-end of Distributed Speech Recognition (DSR). The speech noise removal algorithm is based on a two stage noise filtering LSAHT by log spectral amplitude speech estimator (LSA) and harmonic tun-neling (HT) prior to feature extraction. The noise(More)
Individual skin health attitudes are influenced by various factors, including public education campaigns, mass media, family, and friends. Evidence-based, educative information materials assist communication and decision-making in doctor-patient interactions. The present study aims at assessing the prevailing use of skin health information material and(More)
Zus ¢ ammenfassung. In der medizinischen Bildverarbeitung hat der Einsatz von Sof £ tware einen hohen Stellenwert. Dabei stehen neue Methoden zur Bildanaly-s ¤ e im Vordergrund. Um den klinischen Einsatz in Routine zu gewährleisten, sind be ¤ i der Entwicklung solcher Programme einerseits die Schnittstellen zu an ¥ deren Informationssystemen (KIS, RIS,(More)